About us

Sakhi Samudaya Kosh (SSK) is a financial entity which provides innovative community driven financial services to self help group (SHG) members. Collaborating with community led grassroots groups SSK provides micro-credit and micro-insurance. SSK endeavors to empower women SHGs members by helping them join the financial mainstream and scaling up their access to formal sources of micro credit to meet a spiraling demand for productive and household activities. SSK accesses credit from banks and other financial institutions for these purposes.


SSK was established by Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), a development organization. Microfinance of SSP was migrated to SSK to capitalize on its ability to tap lager sources of capital and move funds more efficiently to the poor in order to facilitate more immediate, less burdensome scale-up of ground-level enterprises.

SSK in February of 2006 became registered as a “not-for-profit” Section 25 Company and functions as the financial backbone to the activities of SSP target groups. Continually evolving as an organization in order to best achieve, SSK provides a range of socially relevant financial services to the most underserved segments of Indian


SSK mission is to create access to a range of socially relevant financial services for rural women and their communities in order to reduce poverty and improve quality of life.


SSK’s goals are:
  • To provide a range of micro credit products and options to SHGs and community members which accommodate their choices and requirements.
  • To make funds accessible to distressed individuals outside of SHG networks by extending loan services to groups of individuals who are willing to align themselves as a Joint-Liability Group
  • To enhance economic development by providing the funds necessary for SHG members and their communities to diversify livelihood channels, in turn developing the bottom of the pyramid business processes
  • To empower SHGs and their women members by making them financially literate and self-sufficient, and reducing the risks and setbacks faced by families in extremely high-risk regions (through insurance education and promotion).


* Field Level Staff
The role of the Operational Manager within SSK, who reports to the CEO, monitors activities undertaken by the Field Supervisor, Field Officers and the Accounts Department. Furthermore, the Operational Manager is responsible for monthly disbursement and co-coordinating with lenders, accountants and appropriate funding. The Accounts Department, which report to CEO, oversee all financial transactions undertaken by SSK.

The Area Manager, who report to the OM, is responsible for the collection and presentation of loan status and relevant loan data across 2-3 districts. Area Managers also oversee activities undertaken by Field Officers and ensure co-ordination between districts.

Field Supervisors, who report of Area Managers, are responsible for operations and activities on a district level, including portfolio quality and monitoring of Field Officers. They oversee the organization of monthly local committee meetings and are involved in loan demands and approvals together with timely loan disbursements. Field Supervisors also undertake regular field visits to improve operations.

Field Officers report directly to the Field Supervisors, oversee 70 self help groups/loan recipients and communicate available loan services to clients and assist in decision making of suitable loans.

Board of Directors

Name Designation Education Expertise / Expertise
Ms. Prema Gopalan Chairperson Masters in Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
M.Phil Sociology, SNDT University Mumbai
Design of institutional framework and implementation arrangements, expertise in monitoring and evaluation in scaled up community driven projects in micro finance, rural enterprise, water and sanitation, disaster reduction and local governance. Policy advocacy on up streaming lessons from grassroots initiatives with National, UN, World Bank, and international agencies
Ms. Girija Srinivasan
Director MBA, BCom Development Consultant with expertise in the areas of micro finance, rural finance, micro insurance, community based financial institutions (self help groups, federations), training. Areas of work include technical support to MFIs and banks for project formulation, monitoring and evaluation, gender and institutional assessment, financial analysis of micro finance operations, training, specific analytical studies. 
Technical inputs in micro finance include poverty targeting, community institutions building, product development, MIS, strategic business planning, portfolio quality analysis, training, linkages with financial institutions etc. Clients include: SIDBI, NABARD, IFAD
Mr. S. Sadananda Director Engineering (Mechanical)
Dipl. Business Management
Consultant on rural enterprise, Rural Market Development, Public-Private Partnership, Sector and Sub-Sector Analysis, feasibility study and HR development and District Rural Industries Project- NABARD Karnataka and NGOs – Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and MP.
Mr. V.C Nadarajan Director MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad Experience in Public Sector banks, Consultant with donors, MFIs and NGOs on Developing Financial /credit management systems with NGOs, M and E, Organizational Development and community enterprise