Business Information


Acting as collaborators field officers from SSK work with the community-led grassroots groups in respect to loan disbursement and recovery processes. Recovery and disbursement of loans is a direct process between the recipients of the loans and SSK. This process is however influenced and supported by other stakeholders in the community. Field officer is in continuous contact with the groups and loan recipients, providing hand held services and guidance in both the application and loan and ensuring that the loan is utilized properly and effectively. Furthermore these field officers become the point of contact between SSK and the groups.

Operational Area


SSK is currently based in Osmanabad, Solapur, Latur, Beed and Nanded districts in Maharasthra and Rapar and Jodiya districts in Gujarat.  SSK functions in both rural and urban areas of all districts


Financial Updates (As on 30.11.2012)

Disbursement During Period (Rs. In Lac) 123.95
No. Of SHG with Outstanding 684
No. Of Member With Outstanding 4863
Outstanding Amount (Rs. In Lac) 641.68
PAR 30 (%) 0.39