Success Stories

Baby, from Ter village in the Osmanabad district, Maharasthra


After receiving livelihoods and entrepreneurial training, Baby wanted to start her own sari retail shop, but was faced with a lack of funds to cover initial startup costs. The overcome her financial hurdle, Baby decided to take a loan from SSK through her SHG, amounting to Rs. 90,000. Once the loan was approved and disbursed Baby received Rs. 15,000 of the total loan amount (Rs. 90,000) for her own business venture, with the remaining distributed to the other SHG members for separate livelihood and enterprise initiatives and activities.

Once her sari business was established, Baby decided to scale up her business to increase its successfulness and acquired an additional loan, this time for her SHG savings. The financial support from the loans (from both SSK and her SHG) allowed Baby to attain a variety of materials from Solapur, Latur, and Srad districts and supply a range of saris to her customers. Now Baby has established herself as a reliable and successful retailer, providing good quality clothing and excellent service. She furthermore now attends regular monthly SHG meetings where she both learns and shares successful business skills.

Baby’s business success has allowed her to financially contribute to her family and become a social figure in her village. She can now help to solve the challenges faced by her family faces such as covering the costs of her daughter’s recent heart operation for her daughter, who had a heart defect from birth. Furthermore Baby’s successful entrepreneurial practices have helped her become elected as Vice Sarpanch of her village, making her second in command within local government.

Chimabai, from Tandulwadi village in the Solapur District, Maharashtra

Chimabai resides in Tandulwadi, which is 18 km away from Solapur. She studied up to 5th standard and was married 15 years ago. Her family of six was dependent on her husband’s income from working in a private company as cloth stitcher. Her husband’s income was not sufficient to cover the costs of the house expenses and in turn caused the family many difficulties.

Chimabai then decided to form her own self help group together with a group of 12 other women, and during a visit from a SSK Field Officer found out about loans options available for her group, and for herself. As the groups savings were not enough yet to give loans to their members, Chima decided to take a loan from SSK and start a business. As Chimbai’s husband knew how to stitch, they decided to take a Rs.10,000/- loan and purchase a sewing machine and raw materials to make ties. The ties they made from the loan money where sold to four shops in Solapur and Chimabai and her husband eventually received orders from two schools in the area, after the saw some sample ties.

After the first loan was repaid to SSK Chimabai and her husband decided to take another loan of Rs. 25,000/- from SSK to purchase more raw materials in order to expand their business. Chimabai and her husband now have orders for ties from 15 schools, and every year they make approximately 2 lakh ties. They have taken a third loan of Rs.30,000/- from SSK after repaying their second loan to further expand and develop their business.

Before their tie making businesss, Chimabai’s family earnt Rs. 15,000/per year. Now, after starting their business they earn Rs. 50,000/ per year. Furthermore, Chimbai and her husband plan to expand the business so they can give employment to at least 50 women to give them a stable and sustainable source of income.